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Hard challenges - hard labels. inotec metal labels are the best solution for special tasks. Tough and always perfectly legible. Whether with cut-out (laser or etching technology) or exposed barcode information - inotec metal labels won't let you down.

inotec metal labels are available in various thicknesses and designs. For maximum application possibilities. In every industry and every sector. Meeting the challenges of all your applications.

The extreme sportsmen - steel labels

Etched and perfect for extreme mechanical and chemical challenges. The barcode is completely cut out or engraved into the surface and can withstand any load.

For outdoor use - Aluminium labels

Aluminium labels are ideal for marking technical equipment and machinery. They are extremely weather-resistant and can therefore also be used outdoors without any problems - even on process equipment such as lattice boxes and transport racks that are stored outdoors.

The inotec advantage

  • Aluminium labels 0.075 to 0.80 mm thick
  • Steel labels 0.20 to 1.0 mm thick
  • Perfect serialization with extremely high quality level