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Whether in hospitals, care facilities, or laboratories, there are usually dozens of items, consumables, or products in use in the pharmaceutical and medical environment that need to be labelled. From operating equipment to working materials and consumables to warehouse inventory - whenever you need to keep track of a large quantity of items or equipment, label solutions from inotec are the safest option. Working with Inotec not only guarantees finding the solution that best suits your needs, we are also always at your side - from research to manufacturing and installation to special training and long-term service. Always individual and always engineered in Germany.

The advantage of working with inotec

  • Solutions for every area of consumables and inventory labelling
  • Labels for laboratories, hospitals, medical practices, rehabilitation and care facilities
  • Barcode, RFID and data matrix solutions possible
  • Problem-free integration of old stock and new additions (stocktaking, stock increase, perpetual inventory)
  • Protection against manipulation and theft through EM security strips
  • Consulting services
  • All-round service and long-term support by our experts

Inventory and stocktaking made easy

inotec solutions for the medical and pharmaceutical industry help you keep an eye on inventory and at the same time facilitate (continuous) stocktaking. No matter how large the inventory is or how much equipment is stored. From recording your operating equipment to safeguarding assets to cataloging documents - make your hospital, lab, practice, or nursing or rehab facility more efficient and manageable than ever before. Make your daily work easier and experience how simple and at the same time secure stocktaking and inventory work can be with help from our label solutions. Make more of your possibilities - with inventory labelling from inotec.