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Labelling solutions for the ToGo sector

Optimal performance, maximum savings potential

Speed, process reliability and durability - ToGo packaging has to meet many demands to deliver practical solutions. Whether at a music festival, sports venue, a corporate event or in continuous use in service delivery – efficient practices place the highest demands on packaging. From drinking cups to food boxes. Logically, the labelling for individual containers must also withstand the demands of it‘s practical use. And it is even better when smart labelling solutions like our barcode and RFID labels open up possibilities that make packaging and containers even better. How can you do it? It's simple. With our ino:reuse solutions for all common ToGo applications.

Labelling solutions for the ToGo sector

You can count on us.

Whether stacked, dirty or jumbled - bulk detection is still no problem with our optimized RFID inlays.


By serializing the labels, we put a stop to deposit fraud.


Thanks to real-time data, you always know exactly which packaging is needed where.


As an inmouldable solution, our labels become inseparable from the packaging and can easily withstand extreme cleaning processes - up to 500 times.


Thanks to their special design, our labels can be integrated into the production process; the end product leaves the production mould with labels already in place, saving time and cost.


Reusable to offer more climate and nature protection

The future belongs to reusable packaging. Reusable solutions are already used as a matter of course in many places in everyday (working) life. In light of our finite resources and a growing awareness of ecological issues, this will only increase in the coming years. We applaud this thinking. As label experts, we are concerned with the question of how intelligent and modern labelling solutions can make reusable packaging even better, smarter and more environmentally friendly. That's why we are forever developing our plastics, adhesives and inlays. Not only to meet current requirements, but to always be one step ahead. As an inmould variant, our ino:reuse solution is so robust that it can easily withstand up to 500 washing and cleaning cycles. And we have also thought ahead when it comes to the problem of the many different cycles that still exist today. Our ino:reuse solutions are already equipped to make it possible for all major retail partners to return and collect their packaging waste. We are ready for reuse.



ino:reUse - Our barcode and RFID solutions for ToGo packaging

Technical specifications

Our ino:reuse solutions for ToGo packaging are available in different variants and shapes - from "standard" to highly individual. Please contact us.

  • Various adhesive or inmould versions with 2D code and/or RFID
  • RFID inlay with high range and optimized radiation characteristics
  • Easy application or integration into the production process
  • Chips are programmable according to your requirements


The right labelling for ToGo packaging

Identification with barcode/2D code

Labelling with RFID


  • serial coding
  • secure programming, printing & number management
  • universally applicable
  • cost-efficient marking
  • microwaveable


  • serial coding & unique chip ID
  • capture without direct visual contact
  • bulk detection optimizes processes
  • not copyable therefore deposit-proof
  • readability even with high contamination


  • data acquisition only with visual contact
  • no optimal bulk recording
  • can be copied at any time: conditionally deposit-proof


  • RFID infrastructure is required
  • limited suitability for use in microwave ovens

Labelling with adhesive labels

Labelling with inmould labels


  • post production application possible
  • printing of labels in controlled production at Inotec
  • printing of labels "on demand" with TTR printer on site
  • laminated labels reliably protected against wear


  • cost savings due to insertion of the label already in the injection molding process, no second pass for label application necessary
  • tamper-proof due to fusion of label with the plastic product
  • permanent, secure and seamless labelling
  • 100 % hygienic safety without adhesive edges
  • no risk of double numbering



  • double number risk with "on demand" label production on site
  • “on demand" labels without protective laminate wear out quickly in the usage processes


  • inmould requirements must be taken into account during production

  • no "on demand" label production possible

Reusable for more customers

We don't just talk - we also act on our words and we show results. We have been working with many of the most innovative suppliers of reusable packaging for some time. When it comes to smart labelling solutions, we see ourselves not only as a "label supplier", but also as a source of impetus and development. Because we are convinced that innovative labelling solutions are a central building block for efficiently networking different systems and suppliers and exploiting their full potential. No matter whether it's cleaning, inspection, re-circulation, sorting or empties management. With our ino:reuse solutions, more simply goes the distance.


Labels for reusable containers

Frequently asked questions

Yes, the RFID inlays and antennas of the ino:reuse solutions have been developed to work optimally in current and future vending machines and ensure a smooth return process.


Yes, thanks to RFID solutions and the ability to connect them to various software and ERP systems, it is always possible to obtain a real-time overview of the current status of your own packaging pool.


Yes. When developing our labels, we have been making sure for many years that all materials are constantly developed further so that they meet the high standards of food legislation. Our label materials and adhesives are ISEGA-certified and therefore suitable for contact with food. Our labelling solutions always meet the highest standards.


Yes, our inmould variants can be integrated into the containers using the injection moulding process so that the labels are directly connected to the packaging. This ensures extremely good hygiene and resistance of the labelling. The special feature of our ino:reuse inmould solution is that we have paid particular attention to easy and uncomplicated integration into the production process. This shortens production enormously and saves a lot of resources in logistics and process costs.


Yes, thanks to the optimized RFID performance, contamination or "chaotic" conditions hardly play a role in the return process. Whether individually or in bulk: our ino:reuse solutions always ensure automatic and optimal detection.


Our reusable mission

We make the future

Yes, we may "just make labels", but there's actually much more to it than that. With our labelling solutions, we always pursue the goal of optimally helping our customers with their challenges. And to make processes and workflows in many industries smarter, safer and more efficient. We have developed the best labelling solutions to help you get the best out of your packaging. And we are always continue to optimize our solutions so that we can develop 100% closed and secure cycles as quickly as possible in the future.

Learn more about inotec

inotec reusable labelling solutions

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As part of the inotec group, we have been working across companies in the field of reusable labelling for a long time. We analyse the topics and requirements of tomorrow in detail - in order to develop the solutions that will be needed tomorrow, today.

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