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Whether it's newborns and their mothers or vulnerable people - RFID wristbands or RFID-enabled ID cards, can be used to identify your patients securely and accurately. Waterproof, comfortable to wear and customizable, the wristbands and cards allow maximum freedom of movement with absolute security and enable more efficient processes. Accurate identification from admission to discharge. This makes them the ideal solution for hospitals, rehabilitation and care facilities. Of course, our RFID solutions can also be used for personnel or visitor badges. As data carriers they can be used to allow access to specific defined areas, limiting access to quarantine zones by authorized persons only or ensuring that the maximum number of visitors on a ward is controlled. 

And in the area of administration, the same applies: “find” rather than “search”! With inotec barcode and RFID labels, you can optimize your document management, keeping your patient records secure over time. Did you know that you can also securely mark your injury tags with resistant barcode labels? And again with options for RFID. Solutions from inotec for document management are available in different sizes and frequency ranges and with bespoke branding or designs of choice. 


  • Secure identification of patients, staff and visitors
  • Solutions for hospitals, medical practices, laboratories, rehabilitation and care facilities
  • Optimization of administrative and documentation processes
  • Fully individualized labels in your desired design
  • Consulting, all-round service & long-term support from our experts