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Happy to be driven over – these floor marking solutions from inotec can handle heavy traffic and continue to do a great job. Our label solutions are versatile and flexible so that they can fit in any operation, making an additional contribution to process control and safety. And they come in three practical variants - depending on what you need. 

In a busy warehouse, precise and fast processing is always particularly important. To achieve this, all processes must run smoothly. With floor identification solutions from inotec, you are always heading in the right direction. They are particularly robust and can withstand even heavy traffic; for extremely long and reliable legibility. 

Our solutions are available in various designs, can be adapted to your requirements and produced with bespoke information, making them perfect for almost any application. From research to production and installation to special training and long-term service. Always choose inotec and our products engineered in Germany.

The inotec advantage

  • Choice of solutions for every challenge
  • Robust, durable labels
  • Reliable, precise reading
  • Customized solutions
  • Full installation service 

FloorBlock® - The durable solution for floor marking

A high-quality polycarbonate label that is securely embedded in the floor and fixed with an aluminum frame - FloorBlock withstands even the toughest loads over the long term and can be repositioned and relocated, in case of changes to the warehouse operations.

  • Permanently reliable barcode readability
  • Removable and flexible solution
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Simple and fast installation 

FloorTag® ITF - The particularly versatile solution for floor marking

The all-in-one solution FloorBlock ITF is permanently recessed in to the floor but with changeable labels, retains its flexibility. This makes it a really robust solution for all those who do not want to be restricted as processes change but still want the security and durability of a permanent fix.

  • Particularly gentle on floor vehicles
  • For extremely heavily trafficked storage areas
  • Safe installation and flexible handling
  • Durable and reliable readability
  • For indoor and outdoor areas