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Whether the label is being used in deep-freeze areas down to -85 °C or thawing in a water bath at 38 °C - inotec barcode and RFID labels can handle it all. The labels are supplied with medically safe and diffusion-free adhesives (FDA approval) and are explicitly approved for use on blood bags and blood reserves by ISEGA through DIN ISO 3826. That is your guarantee. Tests are carried out regularly in our in-house Label Competence Center. inotec labels for blood bag and blood bank labelling are available as die-cut and colour coded sets, with several individual labels on one sheet. These can be used for multiple functions with double layer adhesives or as thermal transfer labels for in house printing. Of course, you can also use the labels without any problems on donation bags for bone marrow or umbilical cord blood, for deep-freeze storage of samples or labelling of chemotherapeutic agents and parenteral nutrient solutions.


  • ISEGA-certified and medically safe labels
  • self-print or ready-to-use label – whichever suits best for you!
  • resistant to high and low temperatures
  • tested on request in our in-house Label Competence Center
  • Advice, all-round service and long-term support from our experts