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Lots of small things can create big problems: in hospitals, practices or laboratories; Inventory, medical devices, consumables, documents, blood bags/blood samples, other medical specimens and even medication must be clearly labelled and identifiable at all times. This is not only to prevent errors and to ensure patient safety, but also to establish smooth and efficient processes. For rehabilitation and care facilities in particular, the identification of patients, residents and visitors is also playing an increasingly important role. inotec barcode and RFID solutions can help to ensure that you are always secure and will find the right label for every application.


  • Labels for asset tracking in all areas of application
  • Problem-free integration of old stock and new additions (permanent inventory)
  • ISEGA-certified and medically safe labels for blood bags etc
  • One-to-one labelling for implementation of applicable guidelines
  • Optimization of management and documentation processes
  • Consultation, all-round service & long-term support from experts