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100 % product protection and comprehensive CRM options in one - inoVerify is the solution for everyone who wants it secure and communicative. The system combines a patented authentication solution with the capabilities of modern customer relationship management systems. For maximum security, maximum customer satisfaction and an absolute overview.

inoVerify can be individually adapted to your needs and easily integrated into any existing logistics chain - as part of your system or as an autonomous stand-alone version. Get more out of your product. Make it brand manager. Make the difference. Because inoVerify is the product protection solution your customers deserve.

The inotec advantage

  • Give your customers the feeling of absolute security
  • Always stay in contact with your customers
  • Create entire worlds of experience and integrate your customers
  • Gain information about individual customers and customer groups
  • Accompany marketing campaigns

One solution, three elements

For your customers

The smartphone app
Customizable and integrable into existing apps - with the inoVerify app you always stay in touch and can thus create real added value. For yourself and for your customers.

  • Communicate in real time
  • Create your world of experience
  • Bind your customers sustainably

The inotec solution
Label and database
Two label layers for 100% security and an intelligent database as interface between you and your customers.

  • 2-factor safety system
  • Without additional investments
  • Fully integrable into existing ERP / CRM systems

Your head office
Our Web-App
Always has everything at a glance - in the practical and individual Web-App you have full access to all information about your products and your customers. In real time.

  • Interaction with each customer
  • Detailed evaluation in real time
  • Data evaluation to accompany marketing campaigns

Create worlds of experience for your customers

Offer your customers the good feeling they deserve. With inoVerify, you combine absolute product security with the many advantages of modern CRM options.

  • The sure feeling of owning an original
  • Direct access to online shops incl. discount campaigns
  • Exclusive content, such as videos for fans
  • Advanced information or background knowledge

Focus on your customers and your product

The unambiguous labelling of your products and a personalisable app open up new possibilities for customer interaction after the purchase.

  • Guarantee your customers absolute product safety and increase confidence
  • Stay in touch with your customers - even after the purchase
  • Share important information with your customers
  • Retain your customers with additional value-added services
  • Generate more revenue with existing customers
  • Use your customers as multipliers

Benefit from the inotec advantage

The combination of counterfeit-proof individual product identification and app provides an important communication channel after the POS. Individual. Precisely. Sure, I'm sure.

The inoVerify Advantage

  • Easy integration into any system
  • Individually configurable and flexible
  • 100% secure and patented system
  • New customer communication and CRM