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Reliable in wind and weather - inotec solutions for container management are true all-rounders. That's because inotec barcode and RFID labels not only defy adverse conditions, but also easily withstand major temperature differences. They are also scratch-resistant and resistant to chemicals - for perfect handling.

The advantage of working with inotec

  • Customized barcode and RFID solutions
  • Inmould solutions for maximum hygiene
  • Certified labels for every application
  • Many years of experience in many industries
  • High-quality, durable and in-house tested products 

Barcode and RFID solutions for every application

Specialized in storage containers and the field of container management, inotec solutions always offer perfect results in every application. Whether in the container pool or in open circuits, for small load carriers (KLT), returnable transport packaging (MTV) or ESD containers - inotec barcode and RFID solutions deliver what they promise. In addition, there is the option of integrating all labels directly in the plastic container as a practical inmould solution. This ensures maximum hygiene and trouble-free use in the food and pharmaceutical industries.