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ESD containers made of antistatic materials are used in the electrical industry or in the automotive sector, for example, as SLC ESD containers. As practical as they are, it can be challenging to label these items permanently. RFID solutions in particular, which facilitate logistics processes and the monitoring of goods cycles, quickly reach their limits here. This is because standard RFID labels as well as inmould solutions often do not work on this material or only allow for short reading ranges - very impractical for anyone who uses data driven container cycles. 

inotec has risen to this challenge and for years has been developing special labels that can be used on ESD containers and meet all the requirements placed upon them. Whether particularly resistant to abrasion or suitable for bulk readouts - our Label Competence Center creates the right solution for every application. Always individual. Always antistatic. 

The inotec advantage

  • tailor-made ESD solutions
  • label development tailored to the application in our own Label Competence Center
  • In-house quality management
  • Bulk readouts possible