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We offer a wide range of Flat or Angled signage solutions. Pre-formed angled signs present barcode labels at the ideal angle for accurate scanning from the floor. Retro-reflective labels can be used to achieve accurate scanning distances of up to 15m. Flat and Angled signs can be produced in a range of colours and custom print designs and layouts. Flat signs made from lightweight durable foamex offer a cost effective identification solution. 

  • Solutions designed for accurate scanning up to 15m
  • Customised colours, label prints and layouts
  • Durable and cost effective solutions

The inotec advantage

  • Long reading range, up to 15m even in poor light (Long Range)
  • Pre-formed angled signs for accurate scanning from the floor
  • Various sizes available
  • Application using adhesive strips (on the back) or drill holes (for suspension)
  • Full Installation service