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From the classic barcode to the fully comprehensive RFID solution - with the individual SLC solutions from inotec, your production stays on track. The use of RFID technology in particular takes your logistics to a new level. Thanks to continuous container inventory, the demand-oriented planning and control of all production steps runs as if by itself. For maximum efficiency, whether as an RFID or RFID inmould solution.


  • Individual design options
  • Solutions for every application and every challenge
  • Inmould solutions for maximum durability and safety
  • Easy integration into the goods cycle
  • Decades of experience in container management
  • Bulk readouts possible
  • Guaranteed VDA-compliant

SLC marking with barcode and RFID labels from inotec

Mark once - benefit three times

Simply practical 

Automatically link the contents of your small load carriers in your materials management IT systems with the container ID. For a complete overview, at any time.

Particularly versatile

We offer inmould and adhesive labels for all materials used to manufacture small load carriers today, such as PPCopolymer, ABS TPU etc. Important for the automotive industry: KLT solutions from inotec are of course absolutely VDA-compliant.

Extremely durable

Thanks to their high-quality workmanship, SLT solutions from inotec can withstand high mechanical loads, adverse conditions such as dust, dirt, UV radiation, moisture and almost any form of container cleaning.

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