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Safe, reliable and durable - inotec solutions for the automotive industry impress with their particularly durable properties. This naturally also applies to the labelling of the (SLC) containers used in the industry. For maximum safety and smooth production, because inotec inmould and adhesive labels are suitable for all materials from which modern small load carriers (SLC containers) are made. In addition, there are also suitable solutions for ESD containers and support for the ISO/IEC and GS1 data standards.

The advantage of working with inotec

  • guaranteed VDA-compliant
  • individual design options
  • for every application and every challenge
  • inmould solutions for maximum durability and safety
  • easy integration into the goods cycle
  • decades of experience in container management 
  • bulk readouts possible

Absolutely VDA-compatible

KLT/SLC solutions from inotec are versatile, are always produced individually for you and, of course, meet all the requirements of VDA guidelines 4500 and 5501 without any problems. Thus, as a VDA member, we ensure consistent quality in terms of VDA RFID-KLT (retrofit) and survive all testing or approval procedures with regard to design, material, positioning and functionality of the RFID tags.

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