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Permanent reusable labeling with barcode and RFID labels


Our customized solutions for storage containers and container management always offer reliable results, regardless of your area of application.

Whether you are part of a container pool or use open cycles, whether you use small load carriers, reusable transport packaging units or ESD containers - inotec barcode and RFID solutions deliver the reliabilty we promise.

The inotec advantage

for reusable containers

  • customized barcode and RFID solutions
  • Inmould solutions for maximum hygiene
  • Certified labels for every area of application
  • Many years of experience in many industries
  • high-quality, durable and laboratory tested products

Why reuse?

The advantages of using reusable transport packaging

By using reusable containers, you make an active contribution to environmental protection. You reduce the consumption of disposable packaging and thus minimize waste and resource consumption. Reusable containers can be reused over a longer period of time, helping to protect the environment.


Reusable containers are a cost-effective solution in the long term. Compared to disposable packaging, where you have to buy new ones regularly, reusable containers pay for themselves quickly. Thanks to their durability and reusability, you save considerable costs in the long term.


The use of reusable containers optimizes your logistics processes. Thanks to our barcode and RFID solutions, you can track and manage the container flow more efficiently. This minimizes losses, improves stock accuracy and reduces the effort required for stocktaking and reordering.


Our inotec solutions offer maximum hygiene and quality assurance. The option of integrating labels directly into the plastic container as an in-mould solution ensures seamless and permanent marking. This is particularly important in sectors such as the food and pharmaceutical industries, where strict hygiene and quality standards apply.


inotec industry solutions for reusable labeling