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Temperature-sensitive product monitoring from production to delivery

Always keep the overview - the NFC-capable inoSpector temperature logger monitors your temperature-sensitive products actively, seamlessly and even under very harsh conditions. It always remains almost invisible and lasts up to one year.

From production to logistics to the end customer - inoSpector guarantees the security your customers deserve. The precise temperature sensor controls and records every change and is just as large as a credit card, especially flexible and tough. Up to 365 days at a time and at individual intervals.

So you always have everything in view. The data can be read out at any time with an NFC-enabled device and, thanks to the versatile connection options to your IT, can be used comprehensively and completely. And for those who want to know more, there is inoSpector 2.0 - it can do everything the inoSpector can do. Only better.

Particularly practical: a completely customizable app is available to match the inoSpector. So you always have your data in view and always with you.

The inotec advantage

  • Safe product monitoring from production to the end customer
  • Temperature range from -35°C to +60°C possible
  • Permanent adhesive label or flexibly usable card
  • Product and app (Android) completely customizable
  • Practical NFC-Functions
  • No data loss even with empty battery
  • Cost-effective and efficient high-tech solution
  • Usable up to 365 days in a row
  • Intervals of 1 sec. Up to 24h
  • Up to 12,000 loggings

The inotec temperature logger inoSpector - safety at every moment

App and label - absolutely individual

Select the design and layout of the inoSpector and the app, set your desired measurement intervals and you can monitor your products. Safe and individual.

Always with you - permanently installed or enclosed

Permanently installed as an adhesive label on transport containers, pallets or in vehicles or as a flexibly usable card - inoSpector always adapts to your requirements.

Seamless on the go - continuous monitoring

Large intervals or continuous monitoring - inoSpector is absolutely flexible, can be read out at any time and notifies you when your defined temperature limits are exceeded or not reached if it is connected to a database system.

Maximum security - Log transfer points

In addition to the temperature history, document the location and time of product deliveries - for seamless monitoring of all stations involved in the supply chain.

Genuine added value - exploit end customer potential

For direct use in the B2C sector - give your customers insights into goods tracking with the extremely flexible inoSpector app. And a feeling of security.

Your individual inoSpector App

Another special feature of inoSpector: the completely customizable app for Android. All important values are always at your fingertips. Graphical display or listing of all recorded measured values - with the inoSpector app you always keep an overview. Sending the data via e-mail, Messenger or Bluetooth makes further processing particularly easy. And thanks to administrative rights, the possible database connection and the possibility of integration into your IT, you can completely document and use all data.

parameterinoSpectorinoSpector 2.0
temperature measuring range-35 °C bis +60 °C
label size90 x 60 mm
label thickness1,7 mm
label versionYes
map versionYes
temperature accuracy1.5° C0.5 °C
CalibratedNoIso 17025
Log capacity762 Loggings12.000 Loggings
Data Logging Interval5 sec to 9 h1 sec. to 24 h
lifeup to 12 months (depending on storage period and log interval)
Use under harsh environmental conditions (IP-68)Yes
UHF reading capability yes (prototype)
Battery lifee.g. 1 year storage at 2-8 °C followed by approx. 8 months Datalogging +/- according to cycle
Battery (thin film technology)Yes