Glossary - V - inotec


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Umbrella term for non-coloured coatings, such as lacquering.

Vicinity card

Vicinity cards are cards in accordance with ISO 15693. This standard describes chip cards with a reach of up to a metre. The cards work at 13.56 MHz. Energy is supplied through induction from the reading device's alternating field. The card contains a large antenna coil. In accordance with ISO 7810, the cards are precisely 85.72 mm x 54.03 mm x 0.76 mm.


Abbreviation for 'vendor-managed inventory'. Instrument for improving the logistics chain. This allows the supplier to access the customer's stock levels. The supplier is responsible for maintaining the prescribed stock levels.

Voucherless picking

The IT system gives the employee all the information he needs for picking, such as via a picking display. He needs no paper for the picking process. The picking displays, such as monitors, wireless terminals or displays, may be placed statically on the shelves or mobile on a picking vehicle.