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Uniform Code Council. A non-profit organisation which oversees the universal product code. It emerged from the UPCC (Uniform Product Code Council), which in turn was formed from the UGPCC (Uniform Grocery Product Code Council). It is the predecessor organisation of GS1.


Coating applied to a label material to improve the anchoring of the adhesive or printing ink.

Unit tagging

Use of RFID transponders at the carrier level (e.g. palettes).


Abbreviation for universal product code. This is the North American barcode standard which is overseen by the GS1 (previously UCC).

Upper material

Substrate which is coated with adhesive and later printed and adhered. It can be made from various materials, such as paper, film etc.


Number of labels on a sheet or printing plate

UV lacquering

A protective lacquer which protects the print from wear and external influences such as chemical substances. However, UV lacquer does not protect print from UV radiation. UV only means that the lacquer is hardened with UV radiation in the print machine.

UV resistance

Resistance of a self-adhesive label against UV light (sunlight), hardening of the adhesive, strong discolouration or weathering.