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Initial tack: adhesive strength of a label to a surface without pressure.


Tag is a common name for the RFID transponder

Tag-it transponder

Transponder for single use, which can be laminated onto labels, stickers and tickets.


Product name for hanging labels.

Tearing resistance

The tearing resistance is defined by the force needed to further tear a cut test label under defined conditions.

Tear strength

The force measured in a tensile test at which the sample tears. It depends on the thickness of the sample and is measured in N/mm².

Tensile strength

Property of a material which allows it to withstand tensile force. In practice, it is given with the force which must be applied parallel to the level of the material until this breaks under specified conditions.


Devices for reading and writing RFID transponders are called terminals. There are also mobile terminals.

Thermal transfer printing

Thermal transfer printing uses transfer films coated with ink. This layer of ink is transferred through the thermal effect of a heating element. A particular feature of thermal transfer printing is therefore the extensive ink application, which leads to outstanding print quality.

Tracking and tracing

Parcel transportation and tracking in parcel delivery services. The customer can use this to gain information about the status of his order and shipping at any time.


A measurement of how much light a sample allows through.


Abbreviation for 'TRANSceive and resPOND'. This is a coinage from the terms transmitter and responder (other common names include RFID labels and tags).

Transponder labels

Invisible transponder integration in a label (see also tag-it transponder). Features: reading and writing without contact or visual contact