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Sandwich bond

Three-layer self-adhesive construction in which, once the top two layers are adhered, the top label can be removed and re-adhered


In RFID: an electronic device which can send and receive radio waves. If it is combined with a digital signal processor which converts the waves into information bits, the scanner is called a reader. In barcodes: general name for a device which has an integrated laser scanner. These devices can be stationary or mobile. Scanners convert optical information into electrical signals and transmit these to a computer for subsequent decoding. The antenna, transmitter (or exciter) and receiver are integral parts of the scanner.

Screen printing

Printing process in which the ink is pressed onto the material to be printed through a fine-meshed fabric.

Second reading rate

Number of correct readings in two or more reading attempts, divided by the number of reading attempts.

Security label

Label which cannot be counterfeited. Term for a wide range of different labels which have special properties intended to protect against theft or make products more difficult to counterfeit.


Consignment data exchange system (Sendungsdaten-Austausch System)

Self-checking barcode

A barcode which allows each character to be checked in accordance with a prescribed algorithm. Self-checking barcodes are inherently safe. This means that a change to a character is recognised as an error and prevents reading. Two simultaneous contradictory modifications within a character and scan line may lead to incorrect reading due to substitution. The substitution error can be recognised using a check digit.


A device which reacts to a physical stimulus and produces an electronic signal. See also 'Scanner'.

Separating layer

Coating applied to the substrate to allow simple separation between adhesive masses.

Separating space

The space between the last bar of a character and the first bar of the next character in a discrete barcode.

Shear strength

Resistance of an adhesive to static loads (weight) at the level of the label material.

Silicone paper

Material coated with silicone. It ensures that both the labels and the matrix can be removed easily.


A stockkeeping unit is an identification number in warehouse management. Each product in the warehouse is give an SKU by the dealer. This SKU is then used to order a product from the warehouse, define the location and manage the stock. Each product and each product variant has its own SKU, such as for different colours or models.

Smart label

A smart label is a combination of a barcode label and a passive RFID tag.

Smart shelves

Smart shelves are intelligent shelves equipped with RFID reading devices. They can automatically record goods which have been placed incorrectly. Vacancies or out-of-stock situations can also be prevented, since the number of items available on the shelf is recognised. If required, the system can automatically inform a member of staff that the specific item needs to be restocked on the shelf.

Smear resistance

Resistance of a freshly printed ink on paper or film surfaces against smearing or smudging.


Substance which is added to some plastics, mainly PVC, to make then more flexible, malleable and ductile.

Solvent resistance

Resistance of a material, e.g. a self-adhesive label, against the solvent effect of certain organic solutions.


The light element between two bars in a barcode

Start/stop character

Every barcode starts with a start character and ends with a stop character. This generally allows readability in two directions and recognition of the barcode type.

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