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Natural rubber adhesive

Adhesive based on natural rubber. Generally a solvent adhesive with a broad application spectrum.

Near field communication NFC

RFID systems which work in near field are called NFC systems. The radius of the near field is determined by the frequency and wavelength used.

Needle/dot matrix printer

The printing ink contained in the ink ribbons is 'impressed' mechanically, achieving especially good anchoring to the label surface

No-label look

Labelling of packaging containers with materials which are as transparent as possible, giving the impression of direct printing.


An item unit or loading aid whose barcode or RFID tag could not be read.

Nominal range

The possible read distance, i.e. the distance at which the transponder can be reliably read.


The decoder is unable to decode the information read


Serial numbering (printing) of labels through a mechanical or non-impact printing process.


Shipping unit number (Nummer der Versandeinheit): The NVE was developed for the uniform identification of individual transportation containers. It supports working processes in delivery, distribution and goods receipt with non-standardised packaging.