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The 13-digit international location number (ILN) identifies physical and functional companies and parts of companies. The ILN has a standardised format and its structure allows each location number to be identified worldwide uniquely and unmistakeably.

Incorrect reading

The decoded information is not the same as the content of the printed barcode


Inkjet printers work with special inkjet ink which is sprayed onto the substrate through jets.


An inlay is an RFID microchip which is connected to an RFID antenna. A plastic film is usually used as the substrate. These unfinished RFID inlays are then sold to manufacturers of RFID labels, who then turn the RFID inlays into smart labels.

Interactive voice response

Name for the dialogue between a person and a machine with the help of speech-controlled computer systems.

International location number

13-digit EAN number for the unique identification of locations (warehouse, delivery points, etc.).

IP telephony

Abbreviation for 'Internet protocol telephony'. Speech signals are not transmitted via telephone lines but via the Internet in digital data packages. Making calls in the Future Store does not work via the conventional telephone network but via a local wireless network (WLAN).