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An RFID gate is an arrangement of multiple RFID antennas which communicate with an RFID reader with the help of a multiplexer. When the RFID transponder data is being captured, opposite antenna pairs are switched on. The appropriate number of antennas must be set up according to the reading range and the size of the RFID gate.

Global positioning system (GPS)

The global positioning system (GPS) is a satellite-supported navigation system for defining positions worldwide, operated by the United States Department of Defense. GPS replaced the older Transit satellite navigation system of the United States Navy.


Uneven colouring or coating of upper materials, uneven printed image on a label.

Gravure printing

Printing process in which printing elements are depressed (engraved, etched) into the printing cylinder


Even division of an area into lines or dots.


Abbreviation for global tag. Internationally coordinated EAN - RFID standard.