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Faraday cage

The physicist Michael Faraday discovered that the inside of an electrical conductor has no charge. A metal container thus works like a shield, so that RFID transponders in metal containers cannot be read.

Far and near field

A conductor loop (antenna) is surrounded by a magnetic field. This field migrates constantly into an electromagnetic field. From a specific distance, the electromagnetic field starts to come away from the antenna and diffuses as an electromagnetic wave in the space. From this calculation - calculated as Lambda/2pi - a far field is present. Inductive coupling between the reading device and the transponder is possible up to a distance of Lambda/2pi. This range is called near field.

Filmsetting code

Barcodes in all densities can be produced in filmsetting.

Final adhesion

Adhesive strength which an adhesive layer of a label finally achieves to the surface of a body under defined practical conditions.

First reading rate

Number of correct readings in the first reading attempt, divided by the number of reading attempts.


Name for a non-volatile rewritable storage medium.

Flat antenna

Flat, conducting antenna, usually made from a metal plate or film.


Name for the position of the sheet on the printing table. 100% flatness: the sheet is lying evenly on the substrate, all points in the material surface are on one level.

Flexo printing

Formerly known as aniline printing, a rotation relief printing process which uses flexible printing plates and thin, fast-drying printing inks.


In fluorescence, the light is radiated between 10 to the power of minus 7 and 70 to the power of minus ten seconds

Freezer adhesive

Adhesive which guarantees good adhesion for a self-adhesive label on a cold substrate


Frequency (f) refers to the number of events (n) in a specific time period (T), e.g. the number of oscillations in a radio signal per second. Frequency is measured in Hertz.


Accomplishment of physical supplies

Fulltone colours

Special or spot colours which are not created from a four-colour scale (CMYK) and are compiled in a colour chart such as Pantone, HKS or RAL.