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Materials and adhesives

We useuse
Number of labels on a sheet or printing plate
a wide range of high quality innovative materials to suit any application:

  • Plastics (polyester, acrylic film, PP, PE)
  • Paper
  • Aluminium or stainless steel
  • Ceramic

Our specialist adhesives, which undergo extensive testing in our own laboratory, guarantee that the labels have a long lasting adhesionadhesion
Name for how two different materials stick together or for the interaction of the adhesive with the substrate to be adhered to.
to any surface, such as plastic, metal, stone and wood.

The labels adhere to:

  • rough and uneven surfaces
  • low-energy substances
  • high-energy substances
  • rounded and curved surfaces
  • slightly soiled areas

and are resistant to:

  • high-pressure cleaning
  • washing processes
  • weak chemicals and solutions
  • soap suds

Our diffusion-free and medically harmless adhesives are FDA and BgVV approved. These are certified for useuse
Number of labels on a sheet or printing plate
in direct contact to with dry or moist, non-oily foodstuffs.