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  +++ INOTAG Flex On-metal – Low profile on-metal durable RFID label solutions +++   +++ INOTAG Concrete Tag – RFID hard tags which can be encased in concrete +++   +++ INOTAG Heat Tag – High Temperature RFID tags +++   +++ Duraline Rapidshield – UV Cure Linemarking Systems, the most durable, maintenance free linemarking systems available +++ 
Design der Barcode Etiketten

Label design

inotec's Pre-Press department uses the latest Macintosh and Windows PCs based hardware and software, to produce bespoke and truly individual labels.

A constantly-monitored colour workflow ensures that the print quality of our labels remains consistently high.

We implement your layouts and designs exactly as you want them and convert your colour requests and demands in Pantone, RAL or HKS into the appropriate CMYKCMYK
Name for the four basic colours in four-colour printing. Also called euroscale. The letters stand for: C= cyan, M= magenta, Y= yellow, K= black


We can accept your layout data in any common data format, but prefer logo artwork in vector formats such as PS, EPS, WMF, EMF, FH, CDR, PDF etc.