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Digital decorative labels

For smaller runs, digital print labels are a cost-effective alternative to the usual letterpress, flexo or offset printingoffset printing
Flat screen printing process in which the material to be printed is printed indirectly by the printing plate via a rubber blanket.
processes. Digital printing offers the opportunity to react quickly to a constantly changing market. Short runs of full colour labels with variable data, images and text can be produced with a very short lead-time. The digital processing means that printing can be done using data-base management and last minute changes even to printed images can be made at the touch of a button.

Decorative labels are available in a wide range of materials and adhesive labels. High-resolutionHigh-resolution
A parameter which shows how many points can be created on a specific area. Printer resolution is measured in dpi and can be different in the X and Y directions, depending on the type of printer. In scanners, however, resolution (known as optical resolution) is a parameter for the readability of a barcode. In code pens, distance scanners and slot readers, the optical resolution (related to a standard distance), can be for example 0.15 mm, 0.25 mm or 0.38 mm
six colour printing offers extremely high quality results.
Labels can be protected for outdoor useuse
Number of labels on a sheet or printing plate
using specialist preparation, coatings and laminates.

Our labels can also be supplied with permanent, removable and washable adhesives.

These labels have a variety of applications for medical, cosmetics, glass and PE bottles, cardboard boxes, food, containers, inventory marking.

Special effects:

Metallic representations of gold, silver, bronze and other colours are available.