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Blank labels for in-house printing

Blankoetiketten für Reifenkennzeichnung
Blankoetiketten für medizinische Kennzeichnung
Unterschiedliche Arten von Blankoetiketten

We offer blank labels in a huge range of options, giving you complete flexibility of design, and format to fit any application or printer.

You can choose between labels on rolls, fan folded, sheets or continuous forms with or without perforations. Bespoke die cut shapes and formats are possible.

We can pre-print all or part of the label for you, giving unlimited flexibility in the graphic design of your labels and logos.

Labels can be supplied in a number of standard materials:

  • Polyester
  • PP
  • PE
  • Thermal transfer paper
  • Direct thermal paper

Blank labels are also available for particularly high specifications:

  • Heat-resistant up to approx. 400°C
  • Special freezer adhesivefreezer adhesive
    Adhesive which guarantees good adhesion for a self-adhesive label on a cold substrate
  • Extremely strong adhesive labels for car tyres and pallets
  • Destructible vinyl labels
  • Resistant to oily surfaces and weak chemicals
  • Food grade adhesive

We can also provide the appropriate ink ribbons for printing your labels.