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Farbige Digitaldrucketiketten

Barcode labels, digital printing

Using the latest digital printing technology with our new ‘hp indigo’ presses, we have been able to revolutionise the new design options for sequential barcodebarcode
Depiction of numbers (e.g. item numbers) using a system of bars, suitable to be read directly into a computer.
With our state of the art presses we can print unlimited colours and fonts.
With a print resolutionresolution
A parameter which shows how many points can be created on a specific area. Printer resolution is measured in dpi and can be different in the X and Y directions, depending on the type of printer. In scanners, however, resolution (known as optical resolution) is a parameter for the readability of a barcode. In code pens, distance scanners and slot readers, the optical resolution (related to a standard distance), can be for example 0.15 mm, 0.25 mm or 0.38 mm
of 800 dpi, we can represent photographic quality images. Using these additional colour features can make label identification even easier.
Under surface printing makes these labels extremely scratch-proof and resistant to oils and weak chemicals.


Our Diomaster label is our premium digitally printed product, making it an ideal choice for identification of pallets, containers, racking and assets.
Under surface printing technology makes this label extremely robust and resistant to mechanical abuse. 
Our range of adhesives guarantee optimum adhesionadhesion
Name for how two different materials stick together or for the interaction of the adhesive with the substrate to be adhered to.
to any surface.

Multilevel / Multicolour

Our Multilevel/Multicolour labels identify multiple levels all within one label design – ideal for ID of pallet racking spaces and shelving. The coloured level identifier directs the warehouse operator immediately to the correct level. 
Utilising oblique (angled) barcodes, scanning of incorrect barcodes can be eliminated - ensuring a 100% correct first reading ratefirst reading rate
Number of correct readings in the first reading attempt, divided by the number of reading attempts.
. These labels are a perfect alternative to expensive long-range labels and scanners in any warehouse system.


Our FloorBlock Kits are the ideal solution for semi-permanent identification of bulk stack floor locations, indoor or outdoor. They can be easily applied to and removed from concrete flooring using specialist screws supplied in the kit. 
Our top of the range, under surface printed Diomaster label is applied into the recess of a rigid aluminium or high density plastic plate giving it greater protection from heavy traffic. 
A range of kits are available to suit any application.

  • Resistant to high traffic of vehicles and cleaning processes
  • Designed to withstand mechanical damage
  • Quick and easy installation by your own engineers
  • Available with Aluminum or Durable Printed Synthetic labels
  • Can be repositioned and reused in new locations and with new labels


DigiOur Diocard is a non adhesive digitally printed rigid card available in various thicknesses. Benefitting from all the durable characteristics of our under surface printed digital range, they are ideal for mechanical fixing using staples, screws or rivets to pallets, containers and stillages.


The Diotough label is extremely durable. The materials and manufacturing process mean they can withstand extreme weather conditions and are fully water-resistant. 
This means they can be used indoor or outdoor in harsh environments. They can be used on hire equipment, outdoor assets and will withstand repeated washing and weathering. This makes them the preferred product for the identification of ski hire equipment – where our special adhesives guarantee that the labels do not come off even at temperatures significantly below zero and in extreme wetness..


Diosecure is the next generation in tamper evident security labelling.
Both the face and reverse of the label can be printed digitally in colour, with sequential information – even Pictures, Barcodes, QR Codes and serial numbers.
When the face is removed, a custom-made imprint is left on the surface to show evidence of tampering or even to offer proof of originality.

Diotop Drytack

Sticks without adhesive to all flat, clean surfaces

Sticks like a Gecko’s feet

  • Sticks easily, without bubbles or creases
  • Simple to remove
  • AdhesionAdhesion
    Name for how two different materials stick together or for the interaction of the adhesive with the substrate to be adhered to.
    without glue thanks micro suction structure
  • Does not stick to skin
  • Leaves no residue
  • You can clean the adhesive side easily with water, if adhesionadhesion
    Name for how two different materials stick together or for the interaction of the adhesive with the substrate to be adhered to.
    is reduced by dust and dirt – can be reused many times
  • no PVC – Environmentaly friendly
  • approved for useuse
    Number of labels on a sheet or printing plate
    on toys
  • Custom shapes and sizes
  • Custom digital printing
  • even available with RFIDRFID
    RFID is a technology for contactless data transmission on the physical basis of electromagnetic alternating fields, i.e. radio waves. The core of RFID technology is an RFID transponder. This tiny computer chip with an antenna is applied to various objects and contains a numerical code, such as the electronic product code (EPC, see entry). The numerical code is read using a reading device.