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Barcode labels

Barcode Etikett Diomaster auf Rolle

Barcodes are by far the most established and proven technology for automating fast and accurate data capture. Wide usage has resulted in a range of very affordable readers and terminals making barcodebarcode
Depiction of numbers (e.g. item numbers) using a system of bars, suitable to be read directly into a computer.
hardware the most cost effective.


As a printed technology, innovative label designs and specialist materials, offered by inotec, give barcodes labels outstanding flexibility and durability in harsh and complex environments. The technology is well proven with a range of international standards supporting global adoption. As a printed technology Barcodes can however only carry a limited amount of data and usually rely on a remote database to provide more detailed information. Apart from very basic systems, they cannot therefore be stand alone data carriers, but in combination with other technologies, like 2D and RFIDRFID
RFID is a technology for contactless data transmission on the physical basis of electromagnetic alternating fields, i.e. radio waves. The core of RFID technology is an RFID transponder. This tiny computer chip with an antenna is applied to various objects and contains a numerical code, such as the electronic product code (EPC, see entry). The numerical code is read using a reading device.
they are a versatile and reliable data capture tool.