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Warehouse Logistics

Flexibility, speed and accuracy in the handling of goods are the cornerstones of modern warehousing and high performance freight forwarding. To remain competitive in these sectors, providers must be able to guarantee smooth-running internal processes and immaculate adherence to deadlines.

Our permanent barcode and RFID solutions for warehousing and logistics


Many companies have already used our labels successfully. Our full range of warehouse solutions are already a preferred option at Eddie Stobart, Kuehne&Nagel, DHL and many more…

Our permanent barcodebarcode
Depiction of numbers (e.g. item numbers) using a system of bars, suitable to be read directly into a computer.
RFID is a technology for contactless data transmission on the physical basis of electromagnetic alternating fields, i.e. radio waves. The core of RFID technology is an RFID transponder. This tiny computer chip with an antenna is applied to various objects and contains a numerical code, such as the electronic product code (EPC, see entry). The numerical code is read using a reading device.
solutions for warehousing and logistics!