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Industrial Labelling at MAN
Feuerfeste Keramik-Etiketten für Kennzeichnungsmöglichkeiten in der Industrie
Automotive Industry


Rugged labelling for industrial applications

Harsh environments require particularly high standards of quality and durability in barcodebarcode
Depiction of numbers (e.g. item numbers) using a system of bars, suitable to be read directly into a computer.
labelling. For these applications, inotec offer a huge range of scratch-proof and colourfast labels which are also resistant to oils, chemicals and acids.

inotec high-temperature labels asre used for extreme applications fpr which conventional labels are not sufficiently long-lasting or robust.

  • Ceramic labels, metal labels or film labels
  • Temperature range up to max. 1,400°C
  • Robust and long-lasting data carriers for extreme harsh environments
  • For mechanical fixing, welding, branding or adhesive
  • A variety of materials are available, supplied pre-printed or blank for in-house printing 
  • Offering multiple print processes and marking techniques


  • Tool identification
  • Factory equipment identification
  • Conveyor marking (racks, containers, stillages, drums, hoppers, pallets etc)
  • Circuit board marking
  • Product identification (steel and aluminium industry)

Industry references

Using ceramic labels from inotec to mark their smoke trolleys, Germany's most significant sausage manufacturer uses barcodebarcode
Depiction of numbers (e.g. item numbers) using a system of bars, suitable to be read directly into a computer.
identification to control their production process. This enables them to set the highest quality standards for control of raw material and ingredients and the cleaning of technical equipment in its modern production facilities. Find out more


Ceralabel SL 600/800/1000

This steel ceramic label consists of special stainless, heatproof steel, covered with a layer of ceramic. The ceramic layer is printed in a thermal transfer process and applied to the steel substrate. The steel background compensates for the fragility of the ceramic material and allows the label to be fixed mechanically using screws, rivets or welding.

Ceralabel Green

The Ceralabel Green ceramic labels are available on rolls in a wide range of formats. They are very flexible labels which are particularly suited for shaped or curved surfaces. These labels are printed in a thermal transfer process and are available in blank or printed formats. Following a special firing process, the labels are permanently bonded to the surface. These labels are used primarily in the glass industry for marking tubes, cylinders and other glass products and are available for various temperatures, from 400°C to 1200°C.

Ceralabel Laser

This label is produced specifically for on-site laser engraving of your data. The type LSL600/800/1000 compound labels are extremely resilient and can withstand heavy mechanical damage immediately after marking. They are suitable for identifying hot surfaces and/or chemical processes.

Full ceramic

Labels made from full ceramic are suitable for temperature ranges of up to 1650°C. Temperature ranges from 1000°C to 1650°C can be achieved. These labels are used in manufacturing processes which require extremely high temperatures, such as the production of cements or granulates.

Steel labels

Our etched steel labels provide a reliable solution for the most extreme mechanical and chemical loads. These labels can be manufactured in any format and with any type of coding. The barcodebarcode
Depiction of numbers (e.g. item numbers) using a system of bars, suitable to be read directly into a computer.
is either completely cut out or engraved into the surface. Individual formats and different material strengths are available.