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Laboratory simulation of high pressure cleaning for crates
inotec Forschung und Entwicklung
Product development in our state of the art Research and Development laboratory
Hochdruckreinigung von Behältern im Test

The inotec product portfolio offers far more than standard solutions. Most of our labels are bespoke, customised products, developed and manufactured individually, by our highly skilled team, to meet the specific needs and requirements of our customers.

We work closely with both customers and leading industry suppliers, to create innovative products that offer solutions to the most complex requirements across diverse industry sectors.

Our Laboratory Centre is at the heart of our business, not only creating new innovations and solutions for our customers, but also testing all of our existing label products for quality and sustainability. To ensure the quality and performance of our labels in the most extreme environments, we have the ability to simulate a large range of conditions. These include accelerated weathering & UV colour fastnesscolour fastness
Property of a material, retaining its original colour even under external influences.
, high pressure cleaning and numerous other test procedures: oven and freezer, centrifugal adhesionadhesion
Name for how two different materials stick together or for the interaction of the adhesive with the substrate to be adhered to.
, acids, alkali’s, petrol’s, oils and lubricants and many more.

We have the experience and technical ability to produce labelling solutions for any application. Please call us to discuss your requirements. Together we will find a solution!